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Johns Card Creations Vol. 1 by John Gelasi and Wild-Colombini - wizardhq
Johns Card Creations Vol. 1 by John Gelasi and Wild-Colombini
( http://www.wizardhq.com/servlet/the-15594/johns-card-creations-vol-1-by-john-gelasi-and-wild-colombini/Detail?source=googlebase ) - John is only 17 years old, but his card magic is full of new handling and creativity, that allows him to present very strong card routines which are relatively simple to perform. John will soon be a new star in the firmament of card magic. CONTENTS: OFF-TEMPO ACES: Four blacks change places with the four aces, all leading up to a kicker ending that nobody will see coming! TOP BILLING: The magician produces the three mates to a selected card in three unique, spectacular ways. Easy to do, but a real crowd-pleaser. DEFECTIVE: A direct and simple transposition effect with a fun, unique presentation. NEAR-SIGHTED JACK SANDWHICH: A killer double sandwich routine using the two one-eyed jacks, but with a little difficulty. Eventually, the other two jacks make a surprise appearance. DALEY PLUS 2: An updated handling of Johns February 2012 Genii magazine effect. Dr. Daleys classic plot with the four kings, two selections, and an incredibly impossible card-in-box ending. HOLD UP: Johns version o

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