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Johns Card Creations Vol. 2 by John Gelasi and Wild-Colombini - wizardhq
Johns Card Creations Vol. 2 by John Gelasi and Wild-Colombini
( http://www.wizardhq.com/servlet/the-15595/johns-card-creations-vol-2-by-john-gelasi-and-wild-colombini/Detail?source=googlebase ) - More of the great card routines presented by John in Vol.1 CONTENTS: SCATTERBRAIN: Bwave meets King Thing! A selected ace appears in a packet of jokers, and the other three aces scatter to various locations (the card case, etc.). THE GHOST TALKS: A mentalism-style spirit slate routine, but using playing cards. A neat change of pace that fits nicely into any card set. J.G. MONTE: Johns impromptu 3 card monte routine; lots of magic and surprises in multiple phases in this classic con where you just cant win. HOF WITH A TWIST, AGAIN: Four kings and a selected card. The king of the same suit as the selection reverses multiple times, then switches places with the selection in the spectators hands! ESTIMATION: A demonstration of estimation and magic with a deck of cards leads to finding the aces one-by-one with the help of a spectator. RE-PRODUCTION FOURTH FLOOR: An easy and extremely magical way to produce the kings and aces. The two sets of cards are then used for a fun elevator routine f

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